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Getting organized (SLP and OT charts, help!)

How do you keep the list of "homework" and tasks organized from each therapist, etc?

J has a special needs preschool teacher coming on Mondays and a SLP on Wednesdays. With each having their own "homework" and things to work on with J. How do we keep it organized? I don't want my house plastered with white boards but also need a way to remember everything. All ideas welcome!


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Re: Getting organized (SLP and OT charts, help!)

  • Honestly, I have 2 white pieces of paper taped to my fridge - one has fine motor and gross motor and one has language/cognition and self-help.  I write a list of what we are supposed to be working on with her on the page so I can see it every day.  We also have a visual schedule for her on the fridge as well.  I can't hang a dry erase board on my fridge or I'd do that - it's stainless steel and not magnetic which is really annoying!
  • I have a black chalk board on a wall next to the door in the kitchen (also has hooks for keys which is nice).  Something about the chalk board and fun colors of chalk make it feel a little more like a home than the whiteboard to me.
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  • I also have just a whiteboard on the fridge where I will write up the stuff we are working on so that DH has a reminder about his role in the therapy. Honestly, having a chart or a checklist makes me a little stressed out. It just reminds me of the stuff I am not getting done!
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