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How much worrying is normal?

How much is OK?  I had a nightmare two nights ago that DD was blue from not breathing.  I am SO incredibly worried about SIDS still.  And the rational side of me knows it's a very low percentage of infants that are lost to SIDS.  Not to mention that I'm doing every possible thing to prevent it...  co-sleeping, letting her sleep w/a paci, controlling the temperature in the room, putting her to sleep on her back w/no blankets, turning on the little fan in the room, we don't smoke & don't ever have her around anyone who does, you name it.  We're so cautious.  Still I lose more sleep from waking up to check on her than I do from waking up to feed her.  It bothers me that since day one she's been able to roll to her sides.  I'm afraid she's going to smother herself.  Even though she does pretty good w/tummy time, I'm afraid she's not strong enough to lift herself if she rolled too far.

I know I might sound like a rambling crazy person, but I think I must not be the only one.  At least I hope this is normal.  If not for everyone, then maybe it's normal if you've already suffered a loss of some kind?  (For me, it was 2 m/c's.)

* By the way, nestgods... this is yet another reason we need our own board.  I could NEVER post this kind of insanity on the general public boards w/o being harassed & flamed.

Re: How much worrying is normal?

  • You don't sound crazy, and you are not alone in this.  I worry a lot about DS, too.  At night, but also when we go out running errands- I have this totally irrational fear that he's going to be kidnapped.  I'm no therapist (hello, MI, you here?  Wink) but I'm sure our past losses do factor into this. 

    I just try to remind myself that babies have lived long, healthy lives for SO many years before all the "rules" about sleeping came out.  I know I slept on my tummy wrapped in quilts! 

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  • I wish I knew - I worry a lot about DD, too.  I think everything you said sounds like normal emotions, although knowing that won't get you any more sleep!  I always thought PPD involved feelings of harming the baby, but I read the other day that it can also be the opposite - worrying too much about the baby.  It doesn't sound like you're exhibiting other signs of PPD, though, right?  What does your DH think?
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  • Oh, geez, H&D...  I secretly worry about PPD too.  I didn't actually realize these worries of mine could be symptoms.  I'm not sure if I'm exhibiting others.  I'll have to do some research.
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