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Not sure if anyone here can help but...

my lo has asthma and while he is sick he has to have a nebulizer every 4 hours. He hates it. We try to distract him with toys, noises and sesame street (this works the best) but sometimes it is such a fight. Anyone have any tips?

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Re: Not sure if anyone here can help but...

  • DS just got put on Neb treatments on Tuesday.  Like PP said, I just hold the mask close enough that he can inhale the mist, and follow his head when he tries to get away from it.  It is quite a struggle sometimes, but I know that he needs it, so he and I just have to suffer through it! 
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  • Basically we just have to hold Peyton down.  She doesn't care if the mask is just near her face or on it, she won't have it either way.  I hate that she screams/fights but the crying actually opens up the airways to get more medicine.  

    Some kids just hate the nebulizer.  

    Depending on age and dx, you could ask about an inhaler with spacer next time. 

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  • Thanks ladies. We hold it close to his nose/mouth now but I was wondering if there was an easier way. I guess we will just have to stick it out. Thanks!

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  • Can you do some of the treatments while he is asleep.  DS needed them every 6 hrs and I did one during his nap and another after he fell asleep for the night.  I would hold the mask up to his face...not sure if your LO would wake up but it is worth a try. It was torture when he was awake but I just held it in front of his face. GL
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  • I hate nebs!  But I am not sure there is any other way when your LO is so little.  DS had to have them a few times as a baby, and it was always an ordeal.  We have used an inhaler with a spacer since he was about 20 months old, and it is pure genius.  Ask your pedi about when your child might be old enough to try it.
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  • When I give ds2 nev treatments we do it with a tube hook up that we call and elephant nose. It just blows it more concentrated so we just aim at his face or he chews on it. Ds1 takes treatments everyday and he does fine with the mask but he's three.
  • DS is 19 mths when he was younger he would fight so we did it while he was asleep. Now that he is older he wakes up when we try but lately he does not always put up a fight what worked is DH or myself will sometimes put the mask on our face before putting it on his then he will actually hold it himself for a few minutes then sometimes he will hand it back to us and sit calmly through the rest of it. Sometimes he goes back to screaming so we just give him what we can.
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