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IVF #1

Anyone else in the Baton Rouge area going through IVF right now?  I am on day 2 of stims and getting nervous. 
Me: 33, TTC-09/2009
Dx: Unexplained MCs. Possible poor egg quality.
MC-09/2010(10wks, D&C=Normal)
MC-01/2011(5wks)Began seeing RE.
MC-04/2011(10wks, D&C=TurnerSyndrome)
IVF-10/2011 followed by MC-12/2011(10wks)

Re: IVF #1

  • I'm not from Baton Rouge but I just went through the whole process and implanted my embryos yesterday. I remember being really nervous on stims but I was constantly reassured that I needed to relax and let my body take care of everything. Just focus on the goal and get through everyday knowing that your life can change for the better at the end of the process. I hate shots and felt like a pin cushion but I knew it was going to be worth it in the end. Good luck Girl! Keep your head up! : )
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