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Just a vent- False Alarm :/

Spent a few hours in L&D yesterday but ended up going home.  I had been losing my mucus plug (I'm pretty sure) in pieces for the last few days.  Thurs. night around 11 pm I noticed slightly painful contractions very consistently 5 minutes apart.  This went on most of the night while I was trying to sleep, but I figured they were manageable so I shouldn't get too excited.  Friday morning woke up around 7 and they were still consistent and getting more intense.  I decided to go about the morning, DH & I did a few things around the house, but eventually I was having to stop and breathe through the contractions, and they were very regularly 5 minutes.  So I called in at 11 and let them know what was going on, they said go ahead and come in.  We got there at 1 pm and was dilated 3 cm, she monitored me and had me walk a lot, but no change in cervix after about 3 hours, and it was still pointing posteriorly and only 50% effaced.  My contractions also decreased (but were still there) the minute I walked into L&D.  Sooo I opted to just go home and wait it out and hopefully I'd be more relaxed.  And here I am at home with really nothing going on except being extremely uncomfortable! Uhhh I was a little emotional about it all this morning but now I'm just frustrated that I really can't do anything to keep me occupied.  Tried to get out and do a little shopping this morning but walking is just too uncomfortable.  I guess I will try to decorate the Christmas tree since I can sit down whenever I want.
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