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Sensitive Gag Reflex

I'm pretty sure there is nothing I can really do to help it but I figured i'd see if anyone else has dealt with this and has any tips. In the past month and a half that Jack has been sick with colds off an on when he gets coughing hard or is trying to cough up mucus (like this time i think its in between like his throat and lungs and is coughing some of it up he ends up making him self throw up some. Its so hard cuz at night if he gets coughing I cant go back to sleep until i hear him stop cuz i'm always worried he's gonna get sick. Poor kid last night was sitting on my dad's lap and was coughin up mucus and ended up coughing up his dinner. And he was fine all day today and coughed some here and there and this evening on the way home from my brother's he started cough again and coughed up mucus and some fluid. I'm so frustrated for him and me with him having to deal with this and me having to clean up and us both losing sleep. I've been giving him delsym or children's mucinex per the doctors permission to help with the cough. Sorry this is so long but its so frustrating for both of us so if u have any advice or anything please let me know.
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Re: Sensitive Gag Reflex

  • I know we talked about this, C has had this happen a lot and its SO frustrating. We run his humidifier, elevate his head, use Vicks on his chest, also cut down on dairy (less mucus). But C usually does this while sleeping, not during the day.

    i hope you both can start sleeping soon!

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  • Thanks. Yeah i've cut back in dairy and the big thing is too that i've wanted to make sure he's also hydrated well with the losing liquids when he gets sick. Thankfully last night went well and he slept pretty much through the night and the children's mucinex helped with his cough and i'm thinking its helping thin the mucus too which is good. but its still so frustrating for him.
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  • It's not a sensitive gag reflex. This is very normal in kids. Their muscles aren't as developed as ours, so when they cough forcefully, they tend to vomit. He'll grow out of this as he gets bigger. Sorry he's sick and hope he feels better soon!
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  • We just went through this with our littlest frustrating! And super embarassing when you're out in public and it happens (EEK!) I think we're over the worst here, hope yours gets better soon! I think it's officially the season for the crud! Booo Sad
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