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Don't know what to tell him

So my hubby is currently away for school.  Although my sex drive hasn't seemed to decrease since being pregnant, all my hubby texts and talks about it having sex.  I love him to death and both of us are sexually deprived while we are apart, but it is just getting really annoying that it is the only thing he talks about.  Am I terrible for being semi annoyed with him or is it the hormones talking?
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Re: Don't know what to tell him

  • I would be annoyed too. When DH is like that I tell him he needs to "take care of it" and he can call me back when he is done. He usually gets the hint. Or just flat out tell him. That yeah he is gone and horny but that isn't the bulk of your relationship while he is here so it shouldnt be while he is gone. Hope that helps, good luck!

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  • Thanks!  I'm pretty sure he takes care of himself, but for some reason that is a turn off for me.  So i try not to think about it.
    Married since 3/20/2010 Expecting Baby #1 on 6/9/2012
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  • My DH did that while he was at his 9 week course. I changed the subject when I could or ignored it. LOl
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  • The only thing I can think of that isn't already said is that maybe he keeps bringing it up in hopes that you'll commiserate with him and he'll know you miss him too? Maybe he's feeling insecure about being away and worried that you don't miss him/want him? The longer you're married/the more kids you have the easier it is to start to feel that way (at leats in my experience).
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  • I may be alone in this, but in times of separation I will gladly entertain DH and his desires. I don't see the harm in entertaining such conversations. I do think you should only take it as far as you are comfortable but trying new things can be fun.

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  • I can sympithize on both sides, I get how annoying it can be but also my husband has been pretty good about explaining 'why' he does it.. alot of these guys are insecure about being gone and that you'll get used to it and won't miss him or want him when he's back, try a compramise, tell him your write him a 'naughty' letter a week if he stops pestering you about it everytime you talk because it makes you feel it's ALL he loves about you. I think he'll understand and appreciate the compramise. and when he ca't stand it he'll have a letter to pacify him. Just a suggestion that seems to work for us. hope this helps
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