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Preschool moms - what do you do with all the artwork?

We have a mountain of artwork from the beginning of the school year and it's time to thin it out.  What do you keep and what do you toss?

Right now, I am leaning towards keeping only artwork that H obviously did,not the teachers. Thinking of displaying some and then using a tote to store the rest.

Any creative ideas?

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Re: Preschool moms - what do you do with all the artwork?

  • I only keep the ones that he did and any that has his hand print or something like that. I switch them out on the refrig and once they come off the refrig I have a scrapbook they go into.
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  • I saw an awesome idea on Pinterest.  You can scan each piece of artwork, and then make a photo book out of them at the end of the year!
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  • I keep my favorites and then, gulp, trash the rest.  He brings home like three things every day.

    My friend takes the stuff she doesn't want to a nursing home and they display it and hand it out to the residents.  I thought that was really cute. 

  • Ugh. I've kept almost every single one starting last school year! And most of them are just coloring sheets. :o/
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  • I definitely don't keep them all.  He brings home like 2-3 a day.  I only keep maybe 2-3 a month!  I'm heartless.  But no really, I'm a total neat freak and it drives me insane that I don't have a good way to store these things.  I saw an idea on pinterest where they rolled them up and kept them in those long shipping tubes and marked with the year.  Then they just had them all stuck in a big box in the attic.  Thinking of doing this so that at least they don't take up so much space! 






  • my friend scans them all in and then has her favorites displayed on one of those digital frames that rotate through the pictures. I think she also put it as her computer screensaver, so it rotates through her favorites. I thought that was a good idea.

    I'm bracing myself already for LO to be in preschool because I have a feeling I'm going to be a hoarder with that stuff, lol.

  • Unless its really special I throw it away.  Sometimes they send her home with a piece of construction paper that she literally scribbled on.  I can't bring myself to keep that. 

    Traced hands, a smiley face, anything like that, I keep.  I keep a lot of the things they laminate too. Coloring sheets from her free time go in a pile in her playroom for her to finish coloring at some point, but when they get worn, I toss them.

    I know it seems heartless to toss so much of it, but I've got so many years left of stuff coming home from school, I cannot save all of it.  

  • I pick out what I like or that seems special like handprints and stuff. The rest I put into big manilla envelopes. When they are full I mail them to grandparents and family with a cute little note that says something like "missing you!" They love it. Sometimes I'll get a note back for her scrapbook.
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  • I am totally overwhelmed with the amount of artwork that comes home with 2 preschoolers!!!  Ugh, it is seriously taking over my countertops.  And I immediately toss the "busywork" coloring pages, writing practice pages, etc, and keep only the actual projects, and it's still a crap-ton.  And when I think about it, in 20-30 years from now, are they really going to want to look at even an entire box worth of toddler artwork???  I wouldn't, truly, so I have a feeling I will be able to weed out more and more as the years go by, and keep truly the most adorable things (it's just right now I'm not 100 percent sure what will mean the most to me yet).  Anyway, at this point, I think I am going to get a box for each of them and throw it in there until the end of the school year, and then I'm going to keep maybe the top 10 things from the entire year and then throw the rest out.  I mean honestly, that would mean Jack has FORTY pieces saved from his preschool years, that's plenty. 

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  • I put everything in a old file cabinet in the basement, not filed, I just stack it all up in a bottom drawer.  Everynow and then I flip through the stuff we've collected and keep the ones that tug at my heartstrings and toss the ones that don't.  I have one drawer for each child.  Eventually I'll put them in a storage bin or whatever with some other childhood stuff like favorite toys, blankets, outfits, etc.
  • I only keep what I know he did and the holiday projects. All the rest of it quietly goes in recycling after having it's moment on the side of the fridge for a day or so. 
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  • We keep the special things we like and toss stuff like other mentioned.

    For storage, I got some empty pizza boxes.  Easy to write the year on the side, and stores flat.  I can't imagine we'll keep any more than a box full for each year.

    I have thought about scanning and making picture books - but I like keeping the originals


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