I hope I am doing this correctly, ???? — The Bump
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I hope I am doing this correctly, ????

I have been reporting people, one by one, who responded to CrazyC's earlier post on why we need a new board.  This does not result in trouble for people, does it?  Is there a way to report a whole thread?

I feel like "UR DOING IT WRONG!" :)  Much love to all, Jill

Re: I hope I am doing this correctly, ????

  • I've been doing the same thing. LOL I'm probably going to get banned. Not to mention that in the "reason" I keep putting because we won't leave you alone until we get our own board.?


  • I keep thinking my days are numbered.  We can go into exile together.  Your reason is hysterical.  Make sure you attach those old pics of your neighbor with them... Much love, Jill
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