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Online Gender Reveal... reposted from another board


Alright Ladies... I need some assistance!

My husband is currently overseas in the UK (he is from there) and we are expecting our first child [together - as I have DD#1, age 6]. I have an appt on Tuesday where I'm hoping to maybe get a glimpse if this is a boy or girl we are having. Now... most of our friends and family are pretty international, all over the place, but we all keep in touch via the good 'ol internet. I am trying to think of a creative and unique way to do a gender reveal ONLINE... any suggestions? I'm racking my brain on this one! Thanks in advance! 

Re: Online Gender Reveal... reposted from another board

  • Okay,

    my idea isnt too creative but this is what I did for the gender reveal since dh was in Iraq at the time we were able to find out if it was boy or girl,

    I did not watch the ultrasound (which really killed me cause this is our first, and I really really wanted to watch) I had the technician print out a picture of gender reveal and seal it in an envelope for me before she gave me the other print outs, and I waited untill I was able to video chat with dh before I opened the envelope...seemed like the longest hour ever! But when he was able to do video chat I opened the envelope to where he was able to see it also so we found out 'together' we were having a little boy...

    like I said, not too creative, BUT, was pretty neat to be able to find out at the 'same time' even though we are a half a world away :)

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