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Veteran Spouse assistance (not child related)

I figured this is the best place for me to come to for advice and questions about this.

My grandfather is a veteran, and he is currently on hospice. The VA is no longer paying for anything. Medicare and TriCare for Life is paying for all their hospice and medical bills. He gets a disability check from the military, but all military assistance will cease when he dies. That's $2500/month that will be cut out.

Is there anything I can help them check into about my grandmother continuing to receive benefits after he dies? Or is this just how it is?

Re: Veteran Spouse assistance (not child related)

  • Check to see if your grandfather did the Survivors Benefit Plan.  If so, there will be something.  If not, other than TRICARE For Life for your Grandmother, that is it.
  • My mom helped my grandma apply for some spouses' aid from the VA recently. My grandma was denied, but it's worth checking into. My mom is on her way here now. I'll ask the name of the program and report back.
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  • Look into the survivor benefits from the VA. My understanding is that you have to pay in every month from the time of retirement, but it ensures your benefits carry on to your spouse after your death. Most states have a local VA office you can contact as well. 
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  • Thank you, everyone. I did not get back to you sooner because my grandfather died this weekend. I was practically sitting bedside vigil from Thanksgiving on.

    As far as I understand, my grandmother should be getting his full social security amount and 55% of his retirement from a company he worked for after he retired from the military. But all VA and disability benefits will be stopped.

    I don't think there are really any other options to explore. We've done just about all we can. But she is the budget queen and could make a penny last a year, so I'm sure she'll be alright.

  • did he retire from the military or only serve a short term? I belive they have to pay into a survivors benifit  plan after retireing for the spouse to be taken care of after they pass if it was not due to comat and that's only if they retired from the military. I do know Social security does pay a spouse a benifit upon death and sometimes a monthy benifit depending on age and circumstances but I know it isn't much. I'm sorry that's all I know of. :( will pray for your family.
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