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My daughter has been pretty much potty trained for months she has had 6 pee accidents - and I'll be like "please go try the potty" and she'll have an accident right before.... this is so weird (and FRUSTRATING!) We are supposed to leave for a 12 hour car trip to MI tonight. ahhhhhhhh! I am going to call the pedi but they're closed for lunch.  at first i thought "ok, she's had an accident"  but 6??!! Do you think this could be a bladder infection or something???!! Anyone had experience w/this??  (the only time she did go on the potty today was for #2)



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Re: help!

  • could be a bladder infection.  does she seem to have discomfort when she goes?
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  • does she seem to have discomfort when she goes?   No - not that I've noticed - however, I haven't really 'seen' her go because I didn't really know she went until it was too late...  I asked her if it hurt when she peed and she said "no."  - although, she isn't really reliable in her answers sometimes :)  Like, when she's had ear infections I would ask her "does your ear hurt?"  She'd say "no."  And as far as I know, no temp lately.   I left a message for the nurse.  I think I'm more concerned about this because of the car ride and I don't really want to put her in pull ups because I don't want her to start regressing or something??

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  • I ended up taking her to the drs today - especially since we'll be out of town and we've been to urgent care out of state -not fun.  Anyways, they tested her urine and she had traces of blood in her urine etc. - she was prescribed an antibiotic.  Glad we went to the drs. 
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