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NBR: Thanksgiving - fried turkey

Where can I buy a fried turkey? My dad always use to make them and they are amazing. Last minute change of plans and people are coming to us now, so looking to buy one somewhere.
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Re: NBR: Thanksgiving - fried turkey

  • The only one place that comes to my mind is Copelands, We used to order one for work Thanksgiving celebration. It's their cajun fried turkey. It was kinda pricey ($60ish) but so good and convenient.
  • Bojangles?
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  • Hands down, Copelands has THE BEST turkey!
  • Cajun Meat Company in Marietta - http://www.cajunmeatcompany.com/


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  • I order mines from the Copelands in Cobb every year.

    P.S They are open on Thanksgiving Day if you need to pick it up then. (I believe 12noon to 6pm).

  • Between buying the bird, the gallons of oil and the injection marinde, you would probably spend $50 and that doesn't include the pot.  Copeland's looks like a great deal.

    signed, please don't let DH set our yard on fire frying a darn bird for T-giving.

  • Popeyes has them and they are pretty good too.
  • Thanks y'all! Just ordered one from Copeland's. Can't wait to get it!
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    i'm thinking about trying bojangles. i just don't want a frozen one and i'm not sure if it's fried and frozen. it's $40.

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