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Help with a preschool

Suplee Nursery School vs St Matthews Nursery school...

both in Maple Glen, PA. Which one would you pick and why?

Re: Help with a preschool

  • Reasons I picked my preschool over other nearby ones:


    -Flexible hours/rates (I predict 7 or 8 hours per day and then they credit me or charge me extra after they calculate how long we were actually there)

    -Lots of light/openness/high ceilings (another place was in an old house, which sounds cool, but the rooms were cramped and jam-packed with stuff a nd people and artwork. Actually, 3 other places were like that)

    -An inclement weather location other than a muddy playground (basement of church wing has a rec room that they are in for wet weater)

    -Competitive pricing, of course


    Hope that helps!

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