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quick wwyd: bfing

At bedtime Nate usually nurses 10 min each side like clock work.  Over the past few weeks, he has been more variable--ranging between 7-11 min each side.  Not sure if this is because he's starting eating some solids or not.

 He has had a cold this week and it's been really hard for him to nurse since he's so stuffy.  The past 3 nights he's only nursed a total of 4-5 minutes (either 2 min or so on each side or 4-5 min on one side and then refusing to nurse more).  So I've pumped after he's down.

 Tonight I got him to nurse sitting up and he nursed about 5-6 min on each side.  Do I pump or not?  Opinions?? 


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Re: quick wwyd: bfing

  • I would just go with what he drinks during that time and not pump if you don't typically.  I went through this with both girls.  They'd drop to nursing only about 5 min on each side (or just one side).  Our pedi said that was normal for the age.  That they get about 95% of the milk in the first 5 minutes anyways.  Have you thought about maybe trying to space out nursing more?  At 6 mo. I was dropped to nursing 4 times a day (morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and bedtime) which we stuck with until weaning at 12.5 mo.
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