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Last couple of days as a SAHM

Can't believe its already been 12 weeks since DD was born. But sadly I will be heading back to work on Monday. The good thing is that DH will become a SAHD for the next 12 weeks, so DD doesn't have to be in daycare until she's almost 6 months.


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Re: Last couple of days as a SAHM

  • :( That is such a hard transition! Hope your first week goes smoothly for everyone! 
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  • The first day is the hardest, but it definitely gets better after that!!! HUGS!

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  • Pretty little baby Congrats!

    This is the part that I am going to dread, good luck to you! Great that your husband will be able to also come in and also help out! How sweet!

  • We will be in that same boat after Owen is born. I will be at home with him the first 12 weeks then DH will be with him for the summer because he's a teacher. Good luck on your first day back! I'm already not looking forward to when I have to go back to work :(
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