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Gift Ideas for Deployed Spouses


I have an anniversary coming up next month and I would really like to send DH something. I know there aren't a lot of options, but it seems that there should be something that would be meaningful and relatively easy to get together to send in the next few weeks. For those of you who've spent holidays and special occasions apart, what types of things did you send? Any input is appreciated.

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  • My favorite gift that I sent was for Valentine's Day. I compiled a bunch of pictures that I had and that his mom and dad had and put them on a digital picture frame for him. He told me that he would put it on in his CHU most nights before going to sleep. 
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  • Thanks, Dani 0602. I guess I should've scrolled down a little someone else was asking about gifts too Smile
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  • I made a tiny book of pictures for my DH for his deployment. I think one of the smallest books shutterfly makes so that when he was out and about he could keep it in a chest pocket and take it out to look at. 

    I also want to make a cool cell phone cover for him. I know they can't use their cell phone deployed, but I know DH brought his to look at pics and for music. At they make cool covers that you can have your own pics put on and stuff.

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  • I have had several friends have their pictures professionally taken and sent them to their DH.  I have known 2 who did some shots for their DH that are somewhat provacative, but I don't know what those shoots are called.  One friend had an absolute beautiful picture of her facing backwards holding an American flag across her back and it looks like she has no clothes on and she's looking over her shoulder.  Another friend I think did a lingerie shoot.  Or some did shoots with nothing but their DH camo jacket on.  Stuff that isn't slutty- but provacative.  You will have to do some asking around, because I don't know where they got these done.  One friend got it done at the mall, that's all I know.
  • When DH first got deployed, I bought two travel coffee mugs that can have pictures inserted in the outside (from Hobby Lobby - about 10 bucks each) and decorated them. 

    For Christmas, aside from the normal Sundrop shipment (sending 24 cans this time), I'm sending a summer sausage gift set, a new alarm clock, a 5-cup PUR water filter pitcher for his fridge, a couple CD's and DVD's that he'll enjoy, a CD with videos of LO, and a couple pillowcases that I used iron-on paper to iron on pictures of me and LO.  I'm also shipping some of the smaller items in his stocking so that he can have a little bit of "Christmas at home" while he's overseas.  I'm looking forward to seeing his face over Skype when he gets his packages - not looking forward to having to fill out the Customs labels to send it all... those things are a pain!

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  • Thanks for all of the ideas! We just got a hobby lobby here and I'm going to day :) I'll hunt around out there to see if I can get something crafty and cute to send.
    I thought about doing some nice photos,but I'm feeling so self-conscious about my changing body these days that I'm not so sure about that. I try to send him regular photos so that he can see my bump growth, but I don't know about anything provocative. Fortunately, I have a friend who's a very good photographer, so finding someone isn't a big deal. It's just that I'm not feeling at my provocative best to make that happen. We'll see. Thanks again for all the input Smile
  • i made my husband a blanket when he was station in Korea..but im sure if hes in the middle east he wont need a blanket, unless its really thin and you could even put pictures on it. and there is a website that sends cake or cookies to deployed soldiers it is expensive but 1/2 of the money goes to soldiers.
  • Playing along with the photo idea, I made a photo calendar with and a mousepad. I also made a cake in a jar that dh loved- you can google the recipe it's super easy. I also like to send some of dh's favorite toiletries that they don't carry at his base. I'm sure your dh will love getting anything from you :) Let us know what you decide to send!
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  • I sent my hubby lot's of Cards, try to find a recordable one so you can record your voice, also he begged for pictures of me so i sent 4x6 flexible plastic photo album with pics of me and us together. also I send him his favorite candy and drink packets and canned fruit that sort of thing, things I knew he liked. My friend decorated the inside of the care pkg with construction paper and little drawings and Love notes to make it bright and cheerfull. also take a tissue and saturate it with your perfume and then blow dry it and put it in the package or letter, they smell like you even a month later when he get's them. my husband says he sniffs the letters for 10 min lol and the other guys are jelouse cuz it smells like a girl and they only smell sand and sweat. a friend also sent her hubby one of her shirts, she put on her lotion and perfume and wore it for an hour then packed it in the box with a travle sized bottle of her perfume and her husband sprays it on the shirt everynight and sleeps with it. hope these help :)
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