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Potty Training

Ready, set... not yet!

So i guess she isnt as ready for Pt as we thought. She does make it through a nap or over night without a wet diaper occationally, but during the day.. she cant go more than about an hour before needing to pee.  Today we tried undies and in 1 hour, even with constant reminders, multiple visits to the potty, she managed to go through 2 pairs of undies. It was like she didnt know that she needed to pee until it came out.

She happily sat on the potty when asked to, 4 times in that one hour. she wanted to wipe and flush and go through the motions, but she couldnt pee. It was kind of a test for me, to see if she was ready.... I am sure 1 hour isnt enough to start. i know that,  but it certainly gave us a good indicator  of readiness.


Advice, comments.... TIA.



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Re: Ready, set... not yet!

  • looks like we are in the same boat... KU and un-pt-ed toddler. :)

    have you tried being naked below the waist?

    lula and i are pt-ing right now and we started (and failed) in pull-ups and panties - it just felt like i diaper (i think).  but - as soon as i got her naked (well - she's been running around in a long sleeve shirt and babylegs all week) something clicked.  yesterday we had 3 or 4 accidents - today we've had none.

    i'm feeling super pregnant and super tired and the first two days i wanted to give up like CRAZY...  keep trying - don't give up.  have a "no-returns" attitude and she'll catch on. :)

    good luck!

    **also - one hour is not a good indicator of readiness. :)   accidents are going to happen.  just get ready for that.  hopefully you'll make a little progress everyday though.


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    {forever remembered and missed my sweet babe}

    *m/c 10/10/10 - 7w0d*

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