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When did you stop worrying about DC and sids/suffocating?

At what age did you not worry anymore about keeping a fan in the room for airflow, letting LO have blankets, overheating, risk of bedsharing etc? Dd is now going on 16 months and sometimes tummy sleeps on our pillowtop (we bedshare) and it still worries me. The new Milwaukee anti-bedsharing scare campaign just fanned the flames of my fears but bedsharing is the only way Asha will sleep - she usually wont even let us put her down when she naps (if I lay her on the couch and sit near her she crawls back on to me and sleeps on my lap)
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Re: When did you stop worrying about DC and sids/suffocating?

  • Well, we never didi any sort of bedsharing, in part because I knew that a child in our bed would mean constant worry for me as a Mom. So we followed all the recommendations, and tried not to stress too much.

    By 6 months it was out of my mind. She was sleeping in her crib, and fully capable of moving if she was uncomfortable, so it seemed like it was okay to take a breath.

    I look at it this way, my best friend did everything you can, and carried her son into the house asleep in his infant car seat, decided not to wake him, and his airway got blocked when he was fast asleep and died. Bad luck + unfortunate experience = a tragic situation. So I followed the rules as best I could and prayed and let it go.

  • I worried forever, well that isn't right, I still worry and I don't see that stopping soon. He is about to be 3. Embarrassed That said he got a pillow at 2yr 4m and he just started using a blanket this Fall (2yr9m). He loves both. I still take the pillow or blanket off his face if he has it over it when I check on him. I also check on him 1-3 times at night depending on how often I get up to pee. He also loves to belly sleep but I try not to worry... too much. At 16 months the risk is way way way low and they don't call it SIDS but SCDS because you are no longer talking about an infant. But SCDS is almost unheard of.

    It should also be noted that suffication and SIDS are diffrent things. I know the media talks about them like they are one in the same but they really aren't, and it bothers me to no end that the general public thinks they are.

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  • When I moved them to their cribs at 6 months, I knew they were capable of moving, lifting, adjusting, etc. I was nervous the first few days, but in my heart I knew they were safe then.

    I will always keep a fan in their room, both for white noise and air circulation.

    They sleep with a blanket and bumpers and I don't worry. 

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  • We never bedshared either. The fan thing I stopped worrying about when she was about 5 months. I didn't put a blanket in until a year, and after that I stopped worrying about it. I stopped worrying about overheating when she was maybe 5 months old. Several moms reminded me that kids sleep in warm climates and do just fine, so as long as I kept her comfortable it really wasn't worth worrying about.

    I think I finally stopped checking her breathing every night when she was around 9 months.

  • it still worries me. DD sleeps in our room, but in her own crib, with an AngelCare monitor. I'm so attached to the monitor I bought another one for DS who isn't even born yet. I realize it's probably overkill at this age, but I couldn't see worrying myself over taking her monitor away for him to use. it would probably keep me up even more than having a newborn will. So I just got another one so I could get some sleep.

    She sleeps with a sleep sack because she rolls all over and won't stay covered up, but she just recently starting taking a blanket to bed with her too. 

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  • DS is 17 months and I still won't let him sleep with a blanket-mainly because I've seen him in his crib and he takes his muslin security blanket puts it on his head and leaves it there sometimes-with his little blanket I don't worry but a regular blanket would have me worried.
  • I do not worry, and never really did. Henry has slept in his crib from 8 weeks on-no bumper, no blanket-nothing but the crib sheet, pjs on his body and a sleepsack. We will never bedshare. DH has seen enough SIDS incidents in his line of work to never go there.

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  • You may get more bedsharing stories if you asked on Attachment Parenting.  My DD has used a blanket in her crib since 12 months, and I'm not concerned about her.

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  • DD started sleeping with a relatively thick blanket at 11 months - a bit to my dismay.   It had become her lovey and she fell asleep so much easier when she had it with her.   I was paranoid and checked on her a lot the first few nights, but then I realized it was fine, she was fine.   I haven't worried about anything sleep related since.   

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  • I stopped worrying after 6 months. He started sleeping with a crocheted blanket last winter at 16 months and then a pillow at age 2. He will sometimes put his pillow over his head but i dont move it. I have done that before and it wakes him up and he gets mad. He can breathe under it (a pillow pet) and by the time i check on him before i go to sleep, he has moved. He also uses a thick toddler comforter with no issues.
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