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I have a secret to tell you guys...

I'm PREGNANT!! It has been hard to hold it in but after a good appt today I'm ready to come out on the board. My family and friends back home still don't know b/c we want to do it in person so please mum on facebook.  I am due May 30th, so it could be here in May or June. So excited.  I wanted to share with you girls!

Re: I have a secret to tell you guys...

  • Wow! Congrats, N! That is so exciting! :-)

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  • Ooooh, congrats! How exciting! :) And you are due on Liam's birthday! :) Great time of year for a birthday - halfway from Christmas.
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  • Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo exciting!! 
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  • YAY!!  Congratulations.  I'm so excited for you.  Wonderful news!  May 30th is Natalie's birthday :)
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  • Woohoo! An official congratulations to you! Big Smile
  • yay!! Congrats!!  so excited for you guys!!
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  • Congratulations :)
  • YAY!  Congrats!
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  • Woohoo!!  YAY!! Congrats!  :)

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  • Congratulations!  I hope you have a H&H 9 months!

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  • Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!
  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this announcement!!! ;-)

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  • thanks girls!  We are very excited and for now enjoying our family of 3. 
  • Congratulations!!!  So happy for you!!! 
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  • So exciting! Congrats!



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  • Congrats!!!
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  • Congratulations!! I'm due May 27th.  We're right there together.
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    Our baby girl is here!
  • Congrats, lots of exciting baby news!

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    My Sweet Girls

  • Congrats!!! I'm due May 26th (confirmation today on our ultrasound) so it seems we have 3 that will be racing each other!!
  • Yay! Congratulations!
  • So excited for you, congrats!!
  • Yay!!! Congratulations!
    My sweet boy :)
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  • That is great news!  Congrats!!
    "Christmas 2011"

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  • Congratulations Nat, this is wonderful news!!!!!  :) 

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