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Pediatrician Recommendations at MGH


I'm eager to find out who the best pediatricians are at MGH (Boston). We've had great experience with doctors at this hospital so it's our first pick. We're in the Arlington/Cambridge area and open to any and all recommendations (MGH or not!) and any words of wisdom re: selecting a pediatrician.

First time at this...

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Pediatrician Recommendations at MGH

  • My son doesn't go to Mass Gen for his regular dr appts, but when I was there he was seen by Dr. Wang.   He was SO nice. It says newborn services but I think he does regular pediatrician services as well.  GL!

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  • Thank you so very much for taking the time to reply! It really helps. I will absolutely check out Dr. Wang and see if he does regular pediatric.

    Congratulations on your cutie-patootie!Smile

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  • I only hear good things. Some of my colleagues use Dr. Curran for their kids. I would absolutely trust her but she's been around a while, so she may be harder to get an appt. with.  Advantages of MGH Pedi would be ability to get bloodwork/ x-rays in the building and increased likelihood that the pedi knows the specialist personally, if a specialty referral is needed.  However, even though I go there for my Ob care, I felt like I wanted a smaller private practice experience for my child.

    We elected to go with Medford Pediatric Associates and I've been really, really impressed.  I know the medical literature and their recommendations are by the book.  They have GREAT hours (important to me to have evening hours even for well child checks), easy to get weekend appts. when you need it, and I, personally, like the fact that it is all MDs (NPs and PAs are sometimes intimidated by having an MD mom in their office).  The docs listen to me and change their plan based on my feedback, when needed.  I'm impressed that, for a smaller private practice, they have online patient portal access and have a medical home coordinator.  And, parking is right under the building and free!  It is expensive at MGH!

  • Thank you alwaysduke00! Appreciate you sharing your experience and personal reasons for going with Medford Pediatric over MGH for your child. A helpful perspective.

     Yes.. the parking $ at MGH is a real drag!

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