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Delievery at 34 weeks gestation

At around 30 weeks, I had contractions and had went to the hospital to be monitored, nothing had happened that night.  The next day I went to follow up with my doctor and they had said I dilated to 2cm at that point.  They suggested cutting back at work, I had a very physical stand all day job, so I did the best I could to rest up and keep baby safe.  At about 34 weeks I was at work, finishing up my last client, and I felt leaking in my pants.  So I checked it out, thought I peed myself, ect.  It keeps going and turns into puddles at this point.  In the middle of a haircut on a teenage boy, my water broke.  The girls around me at work were like no way, you would be freaking out, and there'd be a lake under your feet.  Very calmly I called my doctor, and was told to go to the hospital.  At this point I know that the baby is pretty much developed and healthy from her last check up, so I'm very calm.  My boyfriend picked me up, and I swear he didn't breathe the whole way to the hospital.  Sure enough I was in labor and she was definitely coming that night.  I didn't get to have a strep B test done, so they administered an antibiotic as a precaution.  It felt like fire was shooting through my vains, I couldn't believe the pain.  I was about 4 cm dilated at this point, and had no internal because of infection, so I got my epidural.  We arrived at 6pm , I started pushing at 12am, and had my beautiful baby girl at 1am.  She arrived on my late grandfather's birthday, something I think he willed to come.  Thank god she was healthy.  Born at 5lbs 7oz, and 18in long.  She ate on her own and showed no signs of distress.  Since she was born after midnight and considered 35 weeks, I was able to take her home right away.  We later had a struggle with jaundice and a  high billy ruben, but after having to hold her 24/7 to keep her warm so she wouldn't lose weight and kick jaundice, she is now a healthy growing 20 month old baby.  No one would ever be able to tell she was premature, she is developing at a rapid pace.  Very thankful and hoping for a healthy arrival for her brother/sister.

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