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Mia Veronica's accidental unmedicated birth

My due date was always supposed to be Labor Day, 9/5, but then got changed three weeks ago to 9/9. Or maybe I had always misunderstood when my due date was supposed to be. Anyway, our daughter apparently also misunderstood and came on Labor Day.

On Labor Day, I woke at 5:45 am to my water breaking. I got up, went to the bathroom and woke my husband. We called the Au Pair to come and take care of Sarah (our 2-year old), and went off to the hospital. I was checked into the hospital at around 7. Contractions were pretty intense and coming every 3-5 minutes. They put me on a monitor for the contractions and for fetal monitoring. They also identified that there was meconium in the fluids so they prepared to get the baby checked by a pedi as soon as she would be born.

I planned to have an epidural like I did with Sarah. The dr came to talk to me about the epi. She suggested not to get checked at that time (7:30 am) as 'it could still take a full day' until baby would be here. She also didn't want to check me if not necessary because of risk of infection with water having broken. I told her I was concerned it might be too late if we waited much longer and asked her to check me. I was 4 cm and she said it would be fine to get me the epi. They continued checking me in and setting me up, and got the anaesthesiologist to give me the epi. My husband was debating getting coffee at that time, but then decided to stay with me until the epi was in - which in hindsight was a good call or he would have missed the birth. The anesthesiologist came to my room at 8:20, explained about the epi and told me to sit up so I could get the epi said. So I sat up on the bed and suddenly felt the strongest contraction I had ever felt. It was really painful and took my breath away. Then I felt this really strong urge to push. I told the anesthesiologist and the nurse I had to push and that the baby was coming NOW. Suddenly the room went completely frantic - the nurse was calling for the OB/GYN and the pedi and tried frantically to set up for the baby coming and being checked. The anasthesiologist was getting all panicky and said he was here to put in an epi, not to deliver a baby. All this happened within a few seconds as I lay down to push. Somebody told me to hold back and I said I couldn't. I pushed once and Mia was born. It didn't actually hurt at that time. She was born at 8:24 am, whisked away to be cleaned and checked right in the room (which was suddenly full of 10 people) and then I heard her cry. They told me she was perfectly fine and healthy. They checked me for tears - none. It was so fast and easy...

Mia Veronica was born on 9/5, 8;24 am weighing 5 lb 10 oz and 19.5 in tall. She is beautiful and and looks a lot like her big sister. Sarah came to visit in the hospital and is just as much in love with her as we are. She wanted to kiss and hug her all the time, and even got a chance to give her a bottle...we were both so well that we were able to go home from the hospital after 24 hours.

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