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Question about CHIP

I have a question about insurance... Currently I do not work and am a full time student.  My husband works two jobs both of which offer insurance but their costs are outrageous and would take a HUGE chunk of our monthly budget.  For example monthly at his day job he pays 30 dollars for himself to be covered.  If we were to put our child (due in april) on his insurance it would be an additional 200 dollars a month.  

Has anyone here used CHIP?  From what I was researching it seemed ok I just worry about coverage, if for some reason my child needed to be hospitalized for an ongoing problem or something.  

Has anyone used this and loved it? Hated it? Opinions please

Thank you all! 

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Re: Question about CHIP

  • We have CHIp for our son. My employer dose not offer dependant coverage, and my husband works as a sub-contractor so he dosen't have an employer offered plan. So far we have no issues with benefit coverage(low copays, and has had visits with CHOP to see an auidiologist, and one ER visit and several PCP visits). The only thing that wasn't covered was when I knocked over his bottle of Augmentin and half of it spilled all over the floor , i had to cover the cost of the replacement out of pocket.

    However they have more than once screwed up on our monthly billing statments, but eh after about 23 calls to customer services its gets resolved(joking, its more like 4). Also when filling out the  inital enrollment/yearly paperwork just be extra careful to double check that you have sent in EVERYTHING listed in the instrucitons. They claimed my fax was missing 2 pages last year, and i had to resned it. I just kept the confirmation sheet though showing everything went though so they couldn't say it wasn't in on time.

    It's a health insurance company so of course it's not pefect, but it's decent coverage.

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  • Thank you... It looks like that is probably going to be the route we use.  Thanks for your opinion :)
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  • We use CHIP. The coverage is actually better than the coverage through my job plus it includes dental and eye care. We pay full price for it but it's still a lot cheaper than what I'd pay through my job.
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