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MaKenna's birth story - PIP

I went in Sunday (9/11) at 7:30pm to be induced. It was a busy night in L&D so it was around 10pm before the doctor actually got in there to get things going. I was started on Misopropal (similar to Cervadil) at this time. The pill is placed every 4 hours so around 2am the doctor came back in to check me, I hadn't progressed at all so another pill was placed. Not even 10 minutes later I started getting some cramping. It was 8am before they checked me again, and at the time I was 3cm and 75%. Not long after that the cramping turned into contractions that were coming every minute and a half! They weren't bad, just annoyingly close together at this point. I was checked again at 11am but hadn't progressed any more. I'm not real sure about times from here out, but I have a ball park, I think. Sometime around 11:30am I asked for a pain med, they gave me Numorphin and it did absolutely nothing to help the pain. By 11:55ish I was asking for the epidural because the cx's weren't giving me any breaks, I would finish with one and 20-30 seconds later another one would start. The anesthesiologist got in there and I think the epi was placed around 12:30 or so, I didn't feel it go in at all! As soon as that was in the nurse had me lay down to check me, they usually do this before they give you an epi, but for some reason my nurse didn't, well anyhow, when she checked me she got a shocked look on her face and told me that I was complete and that LO's head was "right there". She had to run and call the doctor who was at the clinic in a meeting at the time. He got there and was ready to go around 1pm, I did some practice pushes with the nurse before the doctor came in, and MaKenna was born at 1:17pm on 9/12/11. She was 7lbs 5oz and 20.5 inches long, born at 41w3d. My doctor was very surprised at how fast my labor went, he didn't expect me to deliver very quickly. I was surprised at the fact that I went from a 3-10 in an hour and a half. I'm happy I didn't have to have pitocin because I've heard horror stories about that. The only thing I wasn't happy about is that I wasn't checked before the epi was placed. If I had been checked first, I would have been able to go without the epi and would have delivered sooner than I did, and pushing would have been easier, I wasn't able to feel anything with the epi so it made pushing difficult. I'm completely in love with my little girl!

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