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Aidan's Birth (super long)

So according to my doctor, everything that could have gone wrong, did. He laughed and told me it was because I had a birth plan. But we came home yesterday with a very happy, healthy little boy. Me, not so much.

So last Wednesday was our induction, 9 days past our due date (9/12). It started off pretty bad from the get go. We got to the hospital about 6pm, the doctor was there inserting the Cervadil by 7. He looks at me and says he wasn't very hopeful for the induction to end in a vaginal birth because the baby was still so high. My blood pressure was high the entire time I was in the hospital, and it's still high today. I think it topped out at 154/103. Because of this, I wasn't allowed to leave bed. I was ok with this, as long as they let me get on my hands and knees during contractions, since that's what I'd been doing at home and it relieved all my back labor. No go. I had to labor on my back the entire time, with them occasionally turning me from one side to the other. So I started on IV pain meds pretty quickly.It took them 3 times to get the IV to take. I went like that until about 3:30am. By that time, Enoch was physically holding me in bed to keep me from getting up. I was continuously hooked up to the IV, contraction monitor, baby heartrate monitor, and blood pressure monitor. I guess I ripped all the monitors off twice before 3:30 when I had to get up to pee. Standing felt great, but they wouldn't let me even do that. So after the second time of this episode and a major blood pressure spike, I had three nurses and my fiance holding me in bed, telling me it was time for an epidural. I guess I said yes, because I ended up with one. Enoch said he made sure I was knew what I was agreeing to, I don't remember this. The guy came in to do it, it relieved a good bit of pain, though I could still move my legs however I wanted to. I finally got some sleep. I was up to 6cm, 80% effaced, and baby's head was at station -1.

Thursday morning around 7 or 8am, the doctor was back in to start me on Pitocin, I don't remember anything about the Pitocin. Enoch told me I was on it for maybe 10 minutes, because the baby's heartrate dropped into the 60's with every contraction. So it was stopped, and I faded in and out until about 2pm. The doctor came in and told me that I was 8cm, 100% effaced, and the baby was at station 0. He said we could wait an hour and see if I could progress any further, or go in for the c-section right then. I opted for that hour, and called my mom to let her know. The doctor came back around 3pm, and I was up to 9cm, but nothing else had changed. So we got ready to head over to the operating room for my c-section.

They wheeled me in, and had me sit up and scoot myself to the edge of the table so they could place my spinal. Enoch wasn't allowed in the room until after it was in place, so he was waiting out in the hall in the gown and hat and footies. They set the spinal and laid me down and waited for it to kick in and got the curtain up. And started poking at my belly, which I could still feel, and I told them so. They said it may take a little longer for it to fully kick in. We waited a bit, and they asked me if I could move my legs. I wiggled my toes and pumped my legs up and down. I was told I had two options, they could reset the spinal or put me under for general anesthesia. My OB said to just do the general. I remember looking at my nurse, who I've known since I was a teenager, and telling her to make sure Enoch got to hold the baby, since he wasn't allowed to be in the room if I was completely under. She said she would. I went under and woke up about 6:45 in recovery.

Enoch said that no one ever came out to tell him I was being put out, that the doctor rushed out of the room, told him I was fine and the baby was fine, went down the hall, delivered another baby, came back, and finished stitching me up. My nurse came out with the baby, which she and the doctor said was fine fine for Enoch to hold, but the evil ***-nurse we had the first night stopped her and told him it was policy for mom to hold the baby first. I was pretty pissed when he told me that.

The first thing I said when I woke up in recovery was "Is my fiance with my baby?", and was told they didn't know. I then asked if my baby was ok, and was told the same thing. I had been sent to general surgery recovery instead of staying on the maternity floor. But around 7pm, I was back in my room, waiting for them to bring my baby in. Enoch had gotten to see him when they brought him out of the operating room, and then when they had him in the nursery. The first thing he tells me is that our baby looks like an elf. And I said, "What, does he have pointy ears?" (Enoch has some minor point to his ears, so its not out of the question). He said no, but he looked like a little Christmas elf with his hat on. He then told me he had hair, which I was worried about because I didn't start growing real hair til I was about 2, and he told me he did. He said my mom was the second person to get to see him after Enoch, and that everyone was there looking at him through the window. About 7:30pm, they brought him in.

Aidan Enoch was born at 5:14 on September 22, 2011; weighed 8lbs 11.7oz (more than 2lbs more than we were told) and was 20in long.

My parents and youngest brother, Enoch's parents and grandmother came in sometime after 9pm to see us. I really didn't care that no one listened to me about visiting, I think I was still too doped up. But they only stayed 30min or less.

We had visitors Friday and Saturday, all day, which really started to stress me out, but obviously no one cares. Enoch did start telling people not to come, and no one was there Sunday until after we got home around 3:30pm. Today was my first day with absolutely no visitors, and it was nice, since Aidan fussed all night and we made a trip to the ER to find out I have a really bad ear infection.

So there's our birth story; induction, epidural, failed spinal, c-section. Just about the exact opposite of everything we had planned for. But we have a healthy, happy boy, which was all we really needed.
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