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Looking for a new OB in Plainview area


 I'm only 4 weeks pregnant with my 2nd & I am looking for a new practice. I used a practice in Rockville Center w/ my first & I loved them, but now it seems a bit too far.  Im looking for someone in Melville/Plainview/Woodbury area or around Massapequa. Would love any recommendations!!

 Thanks :-)

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Re: Looking for a new OB in Plainview area

  • My OB is Dr. Aaron David.  He is very serious!!!!  I was a high risk with my older children, and he invented half the procedures used to deliver my children safely.  He has a lot of respect from a lot of doctors, but he is abrasive with incompetent people.  That works for me, because all he cares about is his patient, and not being nice to a nurse who is taking a personal phone call while he is yelling for stuff.  My mother used him, and this is a huge thing for me, he has 9 kids, and does not believe in abortion.  I just always felt that a Dr. that is going to deliver my child should not be pro choice, just my thing. 

    Anyway, he is great, on Broadway in Massapequa.  Right at the southern state.

  • I'm in medical sales and call on obgyns for a living.  I hate to go against the grain, but the general opinion from other OBs in the area is not overly fond of Dr. David.

     I don't love most of the obs in the plainview area, but I respect Dr. Tydings.  He's been the head of the Nassau ob/gyn society.  Hope this helps!

  • Dr. Zandieh is located in Bethpage.  He was highly recommended and I have been seeing him for several years before i was pregnant. Def check him out.

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