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Hello ladies. I am 24w3d and currently seeing an OB right now. I am strongly considering switching to a midwife as I would like to strive for a natural birth. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this birthing center. I took a tour a few weeks ago and really liked it. Also, did any switch from an OB to one of the midwives there? If you did, how did you like the midwife care compared to the care you received with your OB?
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Re: El Rio Birthing Center

  • I too went to the birth center.  Loved it and would definetly go back if i had the opportunity to have another child. I loved the night group classes arrangement instead to the traditional appointments, it was perfect while i was working.  I got attached to the midwife who was in charge of my class

     I did go to a regular OB about 4 months into it to get a "2nd opinion" but in the end i was glad to have made the final decision to stay with the midwives.

    How does the new center look?


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  • Oh thank you so much for replying, I wasn't sure if anyone would (this board seems pretty inactive)! I don't know what the birthing center looked like before, but I really liked what I saw during the tour. They have a nice sitting area for any family/friends that are present during the birth and there is a full sized fridge w/ microwave which I think is great. I think they have 4 rooms back past the sitting area, all of which have large jacuzzi tubs. I only looked at the one I was interested in, but I should've at least peaked at the others. Everything looked really clean and comfortable. If you go to, they actually have a slide show up. Anyways, my first appointment w/ them is tomorrow. I am very excited and hope that all things go well. :)
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  • I'm a bump addict! I occasionally stop over to see whats happening here. Maybe we'll cross posts one day.

    Good luck and happy pregnancy!

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  • Thanks, you too!
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  • I'm a patient there and I really like it. I've never seen an OB so I can't make a comparison. The midwives have been able to answer all of my questions and I feel like I am in very good hands.
  • My best friend went there for the birth of her daughter and she absolutely would do it again and would recommend it to anyone!  Good luck!
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