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So Nate has generally been a good sleeper.  Naps took some work but we got there and he was napping great.

He started with an in home daycare in mid August.  Since about end of Sept he has not napped as well at home on the weekends.  Long story short I just found out why today.  DCP has him swaddled and in a swing for naps.  We used to swaddle him too but stopped at about 4 months when he went to the magic sleep suit and we stopped the sleep suit about 2 weeks ago with great success overnight.

 I am seriously losing my mind with weekend naps though.  He was having trouble going to sleep but we've mostly gotten him through that.  Now he'll go to sleep but only sleep for 20-40 min max.  This is a kid who used to nap at least 2 hours at a time (and he does at daycare in the swing and swaddled).  The past 3 weekends I have let him stay in the crib for up to an hour after he wakes up to see if he'll go back to sleep--nope!  I've tried going in and comforting him once to see if he'll go back to sleep--nope again!  I'm stuck home with him all.day.long in nap wars! arrgg!!

So I want DCP to stop the whole swing and swaddle thing (we don't even own a swing!).  It's going to make her life hell like our weekends have been but he's six months old and I'm not OK with all these "tricks" to get him to sleep.  I know he can do it without them.  It would be one thing if I knew he needed them but he napped great when I was home with him in his crib in a swaddle and then in his crib with the sleep suit. 

I'm nervous about talking to DCP about this.  She always very open but like I said this is going to be hell for her.  Thoughts on how to start this?  I'm thinking about maybe asking her to take it in small steps to hopefully ease the transition?? like turn off the swing once he's asleep, then no swing and just swaddle in the crib, then transition out of the swaddle?

At least I know why he won't nap at home anymore but we've got to get him napping again!


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  • DS used to nap this way at his first home daycare and with time she transitioned him to pack and play on his back.  Nic was alaways a crappy napper on weekends and we just dealt with it until he magically started taking better naps at 2!! That is not a solution but maybe you both can work something out.  Maybe just swaddling then sleeping on his back until he can get used to sleeping normal again.  I hate confrontation with the DCP too so I feel your pain.
  • I am sorry you are going through this. I wish I was more help but DS still naps 1/2 the time in his swing and still sometimes needs to be swaddled, all though he does prefer his crib now (but I still have to rock him). Is there a reason she is doing that, is it mainly  the easiest/quickest way to get him to sleep? Does he have a crib/PNP to sleep in there? I guess maybe she also didn't want him to cry, if she tried it in his crib and he was crying? I would work something out and also tell her if you are OK with him crying during the transition. I know if I watch other peoples kids I really am not comfortable with letting them cry.



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