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Just found out I am being robbed!

I just talked to a nurse, security officer and Maintenance man at the hospital I work at and found out my manager has been doing the hours wrong on my paycheck. Therefore wrongfully using up my pto. Without my permission. I only have one week of it left and I'm taking off 8 in 3 weeks for maternity leave. My husband has found work now but gosh!! That would have really been nice. And the worst part is I don't even think they will reimburse me since I have already been paid it :( I'm so upset. How could he mess up so badly? What if my husband didn't have work.. my goodness. I feel like this is a huge deal! People save pto for a reason. Not just to lounge at home. Serious issue!!
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Re: Just found out I am being robbed!

  • I can see where you would feel stressed, but didn't you look at your check, and keep a little bit of track in your mind? And also, what would they reimburse you for? as you said, you have already been paid for those hours right?
  • Your HR department should be able to fix it, your company doesn't want to be fradulent (sp?) and liable for that.
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  • It sounds like whatever it is has been going on for a while.  Like the other poster said, don't you keep track of what you should have and what you have used?  Also, if you have been paid for it wouldn't you have seen an influx in your pay? 

    I would discuss this first with your supervisor to find out what was going on because from what you have described it doesn't sound like anything fradulent was going on.  Good luck!

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  • I didn't notice anything lately because I have been getting overtime. So, the extra money was expected. And, no I haven't been checking my pto hours which is my fault. I really didn't feel like something like this would happen. Lesson learned though! It is against our companys policy, I know that for sure. Also, I was saying that they WON'T reimburse me because I have Already been paid it. Too bad I didn't need it. That's why i was saving it.
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  • Something kinda similar happened to me.  I got my masters in teaching and they were to reimburse me from December thru June with masters pay.  I was expecting a decent check mid-summer (like they told me).  Well, what I thought was my last paycheck (due to the pay schedule I thought I saw at work) was my actual masters pay so I sat around all summer waiting for money I'd already been paid.  I had planned to use it on baby stuff.  I kind of felt "robbed" too even though I had already been paid.  lol  It's that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when things don't go as planned financially....
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  • Right. He did it without my permission AND gave a reason that is totally false!
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  • I would go thru and make SURE you got paid, both the PTO AND the overtime, and it's not just PTO OR overtime on your checks, but BOTH...  Otherwise, you DID get robbed for sure.  You did the extra work, you need the extra pay.  And the PTO is yours.  Be sure you got both pays and not just one of them.
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  • No matter how long the process took, I'd be on the phone to HR getting that fixed.  Those are your earned hours and its a mistake that needs to be taken care of, not just pushed to the side.  If he's done it to you how many others has he done it to AND you need to get it fixed so it stops happening. 
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  • You both are absolutely right. I'm going to sit down with my husband and figure out my past checks!
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  • does your state off temp disability for maturnity leave and Family medical leave? That would certainly take care of your money worries a bit once you go on leave.
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