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Recommend a kitchen please!

Long time no "see".  Life has been rather crazy.  Hope you all are doing well!

So, when asked what DS wanted for Christmas, he replied either an excavator or a play kitchen.  umm, yeah we will go with the play kitchen vs. the tens-of-thousands dollar machine we can't afford.  :-)

which brings  me to my question.  Do you have a play kitchen you can recommend? or one to stay away from?


"Christmas 2011"

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Re: Recommend a kitchen please!

  • Liam has this one. He's had it 2 years and still loves it! It doesn't come with any play food, but he loves the working features like the sizzling sound when you put a pot on the burner, etc. It's a great kitchen, and very well made. Also, TRU usually has a sale on this one or one like it when the holiday deals come out. That's where we bought ours.
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  • We got this one for Emily last year (Little Tykes Gourmet Prep & Serve).  It's held up well and she plays with it nearly everyday.  We got it for about $70 on Amazon, it isn't "perfect" but I honestly have no big complaints!
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  • We have this one:

    We wanted something that would be more compact because it "lived" in our family room for awhile.  We also liked that it was wooden.  We got it for Xmas last year and it has held up nicely against the abuse of a 2yo.  I will share though, it took quite awhile to put together!  Santa wasn't pleased on Xmas Eve Wink

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  • We have this one and the girls love it.  Girlie colors but you might be able to find it in a different color.  I like that it has a counter area for them to "mix" on.

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  • We have this one (although ours is several years old). Caleb loves the grill side, and "taking orders" through the window. 

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  • We bought Eli the Little Tikes Cookin' Creations kitchen a couple of years ago and he loves it.  He still plays with it all the time.  I specifically wanted a wooden one since it lives in our kitchen and I wanted it to look semi-nice.  We were impressed with the quality and even though it took awhile, it went together really well.

    I found it the cheapest at Meijer's that year, online.


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  • We got Holly the one from Ikea last year, and I love it. She still plays with it pretty much every day. I like that's it wood, neutral colors, and doesn't make a bunch of noise, the burners just light up. We got all the cookware there, as well as some play food that is super cute.

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