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How much time off for c-section??

I had always heard 6 weeks for vaginal birth and 8 weeks for c- section. 

When I first turned in my FMLA paperwork I did not know I was having a c-section.  So the doctor wrote for me to have 6 weeks off.  I ended up with a c- section.  When I called human resources they adjusted it to 8 weeks.  I asked them if I needed my doctor to send them an updated form and they said no.  Fast forward to my 6 week appt. today and the doctor told me I could return to work and they now give 6 weeks for c-section, not 8. 

Anyone else have this?

Re: How much time off for c-section??

  • With both of my c-sections, I healed pretty quickly so I was approved to go back to work around my fourth week. I went back in four weeks with my first one because my DH was out of work and I worked for a temp agency and wasn't getting paid for time off. With my second, I went back to work in five weeks because I wanted to. My doctor told me with both that if I was up for it then I could go back when I was ready.
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  • The standard is 6 wks off for uncomplicated vaginal birth and 8 wks for uncomplicated c-section. Ask your doctor what they will write you for.

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  • I thought it was 6 for both
  • nope never heard of it. my doc's office does an automatic 8 weeks for a c-section, even if you're cleared to return to work at your 6 week appt. 
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  • I went back to work at 5w after my first. I couldn't sit at home and cry any longer. This time I went back at 9w. My OB writes for 8w out.
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  • I was ready to go back to work at 6 weeks.  I'm a nurse and have not had any issues.  I felt ready at 5 weeks but didn't see my Dr. until 6 weeks and I had to have a note to my employer to clear me for working again.  I had already been off work on bed rest for over 6 weeks before I delivered, so it was really needed.  From a medical stand point, most are fine with 6 weeks.  I think 8 weeks is more of a personal decision.
  • My FMLA paperwork also said 6 weeks but I'm taking 10.  I don't think it matters what the dr's paperwork says because it's family and medical leave time.  You can take it for family member's illnesses and you certainly wouldn't get a note from your dr about that.  If your human resources department has given you 8 weeks already I wouldn't even worry about it.  You don't get paid for it anyway. 
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  • I was also approved at my 6 wk check up to return to work.  The firm where I worked then probably would have given me 8 wks if I pushed for it but really encouraged only 6 wks.  Assuming I have a c/s with this pregnancy, I plan to return to work after 6 wks as long as I'm physically able to do so.
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  • I got 8 wks paid on my company's short term disability.  But, my doctor also said I would be ok to go back after 6 wks.  Perhaps they have LOST. THEIR. MINDS?!!  I was sort of a breastfeeding disaster at 6 wks.  I am not sure why after a major abdominal surgery and a newborn they can't give you a freakin' break and add the 2 wks.   

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