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If your LO does not drink milk.....

How much dairy are they getting each day? I know this has been asked a million times.  We took away the bottle cold turkey 2 weeks ago and since then have tried milk in a sippy cup, straw cup, every kind of cup and he just refuses.  He has about a 1/4 cup of full fat yogurt each day, but does not want to each cheese of any kind, etc.  DH is worried that he is not getting enough dairy.  Just curious as to how much your LO is getting each day.  


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Re: If your LO does not drink milk.....

  • Finn does not drink a lot of milk (maybe 10oz a day), but he eats 1/2 cup yogurt and several ounces of cheese.  He'd bathe in cheese if we'd let him.

    Ask your pedi about doing Vitamin D supplements.  At his 12 month appointment our pedi said if the amount he drinks doesn't pick up she'll probably suggest starting Vitamin D at his 15 month appointment.  Cheese does not have Vit. D added, but some yogurts do (including YoBaby).

    I think they need to have 3 servings of dairy a day, or whatever the equivalent is of the calcium, vitamins, fat, and protein.



  • Try soy milk, its a little sweeter he might like it better and it has more calcium than regular milk.


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  • DD doesn't drink milk, unless I make her oatmeal, in which case that's about 4 oz she ends up with.

    She eats about 1/3- 1/2 cup of whole fat yogurt per day, and a string cheese, and a lot of times we have some sort of cheese in either lunch or supper. She also gets a multivitamin, and plenty of good fats from things like peanut butter, beans and meats.

  • DD is a so-so milk drinker.  Some days she does great and drinks 16-20 oz. and other days (like today) she drinks less than one cup. I honestly don't keep track of how much other dairy she consumes in terms of oz, but if I see that she is not having a good milk drinking day then I make sure to offer her some form of dairy with each meal and snack for the rest of the day. She likes regular yogurt on the spoon, yogurt smoothies, and frozen yogurt.  She can take or leave cheese, depending on how the wind blows that day.

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