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Share your family wisdom! Advice, etc, from family members...

This is totally random, but I thought it'd be neat to share bits of advice (parenting related or not) that our family has given us that we have found to be useful.

One thing my mom told me as I was growing up was that for big events where everyone needs to look nice (like parties, or going out for family pictures) mom gets herself ready first before helping anyone else. She said that once she's ready, then she can take care of everyone else. I understand now that she could have probably spent all her time getting the kids (and my dad) ready and ended up without enough time for herself. So on those occasions, she always prioritized herself. It's something I try to do whenever we're all going out together too. I make sure I'm dressed and ready to go, and then I'll focus on getting Nate taken care of (if DH hasn't already). It keeps me from having to walk out of the house looking like a zombie. Stick out tongue

Anyone else have silly tips/advice to share?

Re: Share your family wisdom! Advice, etc, from family members...

  • Mine doesn't help in any way, but I always remember my dad saying that children change so much every year and he told me to enjoy all the people I will meet :)
    My sweet boy :)
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  • One thing my mom said that I still do to this day was "leave it the way you found it or better."  Whenever we go out to eat (or even just in the lunch room at work) I always try and make sure the table is as clean as possible.  DH always asks me why I stack things when we're done eating... it's part that and part from my waitressing days. Smile
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  • My dad always said to me and apparently to his co-workers and friends too "one 'oh sh!t' will wipe out a thousand atta boys". He usually meant it when talking about trust and doing the right thing. No matter how many good things you do people tend to really remember the one "oh sh!t" that you did so always try to do your best and always treat people others with respect.

    Funny thing is this is the only curse word I ever remember my dad using - EVER!!


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  • My mom always says to not make excuses.  This means that if R is having a bad day, misbehaving, etc. that I shouldn't say, "Well, she's tired or she didn't nap well."  I find myself still doing this though.  It's hard not to sometimes especially at this age. 

    But I really think she says that b/c she's been in education for over 30 years and has seen way too many parents justify their children's bad behavior and it only enables the children to keep making the wrong choices.


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  • This isn't a specific piece of advice, but my mom would always explain really mundane things to me as a kid. Why you don't buy the towels with the pretty designs on them (they had polyester, which doesn't absorb water) or why she ironed my dad's dress shirts the way she did (she had a specific order so as not to re-wrinkle what she'd just ironed). At the time I thought "whatever," but later those lessons served me well. When a friend was heading to college, I was able to tell her why not to get the towels with the pretty design!  Stick out tongue   I'm already doing this with DD and I hope she picks up some useful knowledge along the way.
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