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question about temping

I never read TCOYF, just sort of picked up things from here about charting.  Does it mean anything if your temps after O aren't that high?  I am definitely not a good sleeper, so it's pretty tough for me to be asleep for 3 hours prior to temping, but I always see a shift in my temps after O, it's just not that much higher... I usually run around 97.7 before o and 98-98.2 after O.  Does this mean anything or is it pretty normal.

 We are on cycle 3 of TTC now (took us 4 cycles with Nora).  I think I Oed yesterday, but again, my temp is just barely higher- 98... There's always a defined temp shift when I O. Anyway, just curious if that means anything. TIA!

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Re: question about temping

  • Are you charting with FF?  I would recommend doing that and letting them help you define the shift.  But I don't think a temp shift is really that much, so what you're describing sounds normal to me.

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  • It varies a lot by person. I can't remember the required change for it to be considered a shift, but it sounds like your temps are high enough to confirm ovulation. Do you temp for your entire LP, or just the first few temps to confirm O?

    I agree with Mikey's recommendation to use fertility friend. It helps a lot.

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  • when I was temping (sp) a 4/10 shift would mark ovoluation if it was sustained for 3+ days.  I took my temp to avoid never to conceive so I always waited the 3 days to make sure that it was a true ovoluation spike. I did it old school on paper but have heard great things about fertility friend. GL
  • Yeah, I'm using FF and they do show the line confirming O (after I have 3 days of the increased temp).  I am temping the entire LP to make sure... I wasn't sure if the lack of temp difference meant something... sounds like it doesn't.  the question came up because I looked back to my charts from when we tried (and then conceived) with Nora and I had a bigger temp increase after each O- I was at 98.5-98.7.  That was 3 years ago though, so who knows...
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  • I don't think it means anything - I think as long as there is an obvious temperature shift, that's all that matters!
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  • I also think it is fine and there is an obvious shift.
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