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North Carolina Babies

~~NC Babies List 10/28/11~~

Congrats to Feisty on her new baby girl! We can't wait to see Megan's picture! Smile

And a HUGE congrats to ECUGirl! So exciting to see you on the list again! Party!!!


This list is for the ladies on the NC Board to keep track of our expecting and new moms. If you would like to be added to the list, please post a separate introduction post and jump in our discussions.

Expecting moms already on the list can "check-in" on this post to let us know how you're feeling!  

2011 Due Dates
11/11/11 Annahbobana - Boy (Logan James)
11/19/11 poz - Girl (Bexley Paige)
11/15/11 bobsbride2006 - Boy (scheduled c/s) (Griffin Robert)
11/26/11 MRSGOLABONTE - Boy
11/30/11 mrs.katiegnowc - Team Green
12/25/11 uncharch7 - Boy
12/27/11 nark - Boy

2012 Due Dates
01/23/12 aandjfrancis - Girl
01/30/12 mualamonica - Boy
02/25/12 lawren - Boy (Owen Matthew)
03/16/12 raceyrae - Boy
03/21/12 kjennnn
05/07/12 ecugirl2004

2011 Births
01/26/11 Vivianlee - Girl (Naomi) [EDD: 1/30/10]
02/10/11 kimilane - Girl (Lorelei) [EDD: 02/22/11]
03/19/11 AmericanTribal - (Drake) [EDD:3/31/11]
03/30/11 Lalabee0425 - (Callie) [EDD: 04/06/11]
04/07/11 Buckin - (Boy) Matthew Levi [EDD: 3/30/11]
04/18/11 Mom2A&E (B/G Twins) Amelia & Eli [EDD: ? ]
04/25/11 flamencogal - (Nate) [EDD: 5/17/11]
05/07/11 phunkeymonkey - (Jameson Tyler)
05/12/11 JenShea- (Lucas Hudson) [EDD: 05/31/11]
06/02/11 dbertagni- (Cameron Wesley) (scheduled C/S)
06/17/11 unc_pirate- (Felicity Paige) [EDD: 06/18/11]
06/21/11 Starz080- (Lydia Laura) [schd. c/s]
06/25/11 clschnack - Boy [EDD: 06/30/11]
06/28/11 markyslove - (Kennedy Elizabeth) [EDD: 06/22/11]
07/01/11 Aubs13 - (Stephen) [EDD 7/5/11]
07/23/11 Lauren79 - Girl (Alianna Jade) [EDD: 7/22/11]
07/30/11 sophabelle - Girl (Ava) [EDD: 8/4/11]
08/02/11 Mom2Eleanor - Boy (Andrew David) [EDD: 8/18/11]
08/09/11 skirk429 - Girl (Claire Jean0 [EDD: 8/16/11]
08/15/11 shockleyh - Girl (Stella Corinne) [EDD: 8/20/11]
08/25/11 NCHokieGal - Girl (Zoe Elizabeth) [EDD: 08/18/11]
08/27/11 tourqeyes - Boy (Tanner Eli) [EDD 08/26/11]
08/28/11 CurbsideProphet - Girl (Alice) [EDD 09/07/11]
09/01/11 mrsmikey - Girl (Amelia Paige) [EDD 09/16/11]
09/03/11 tracelini - Boy (Coleman Bryon) [EDD 09/13/11]
09/09/11 erin_aaronsbaby - Boy (Liam) [EDD 09/09/11]
10/21/11 feistyred23 - Girl (Megan Alexa) [EDD 11/10/11]

Please post any additions, corrections or updates!!

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Re: ~~NC Babies List 10/28/11~~

  • Yay, it's so nice to be on the list!

    I got my NT scan results and everything looked good with the bloodwork. And I know it's really early, but I think I'm feeling some movement from the baby already. I randomly feel these little taps, and I'm pretty sure it's the baby moving/kicking. Crazy! I felt flutters when I was 14 or 15 weeks with Nate, and kicks at 19 weeks. This feels just like a much lighter version of his kicks.

  • Yay! Yeah, I felt DS #2 a lot earlier than with the first. So excited for you!! Smile
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  • Update...we found out we are having a girl!

    M/C #1 BFP 5/26/08, missed m/c discovered 9w1d (blighted ovum) M/C #2 BFP 11/19/08, missed m/c discovered at 12w1d (triploidy) BFP!! 3/27 Due date 12/5/09 Benjamin Tate is here! Born 12-1-09, 9lbs 5oz, 22" via C-Section M/C #3: d/x ectopic, methotrexate given 2/11 BFP!! 7/12, due 3-21-12
  • I introduced myself a while back, but my doctor's office keeps giving me like 3 different dates.  I think as of right now they're sticking with 5/26/12, but they've told me one day on each side of that. I guess it doesn't matter, the baby will come when it wants to anyways!
  • I'm now feeling this little guy move a lot more.  I like this stage.  I can't believe I'm over half way done (I'll at least have a c/s by 39 weeks). 

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  • Sorry I've been so MIA!  My husband just came home after a 10 month deployment and I've been happily distracted :)

     Hubby has been a little over protective of the baby already (shaking me awake when I'm sleeping on my back, giving my the evil eye over a cup of coffee, etc..) but it's mostly cute.  Baby's kicks are getting stronger and I love how he can feel them with me.

     I'm getting that painful pubic bone pain at the end of the day but otherwise feel great.  We've also finally chosen the name for our little man, Tucker Paul! 

  • Hi! I posted my intro a few days ago and would like to be added to the list.

    05/04/11 nique1015-Boy(Aiden John) [EDD 05/09/11]

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  • I intro'd a bit back, I'm due 1/10/12 with a boy.  Exciting times...
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  • I'm still around. Starting to panic about how soon the baby is coming now! Still need to fix up the nursery and figure out if I have everything he needs...even though I know all he actually needs are some clothes and my boobs...but I am in the mood to panic. Eeeek!

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