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F/U on no canines at 23 mo.

You may recall I posted to ask if anyone else had noticed their LO to not get canines by 23 mo. old.  Well, I took Claire into the dentist today.  I was shocked how well she did compared to her big sister (but I supposed not too surprised given their different personalities).  Claire did great -- no tears, no moving around.  Just let them brush her teeth and look in her mouth.  Turns out, she has one canine that has finally broken the skin, it's not through yet but the skin is split for it.  They did feel that the other three are also there and making there way but for some reason much slower than average (usually LOs have canines around 14 mo.).  No 2nd year molars yet but that's a good thing given she still has these canines to get through -- 4 canines is enough to deal with without the added pain of molars!.

The one that's making it's way through now helps explain the diaper rash she's been getting the last few days!

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Re: F/U on no canines at 23 mo.

  • glad it went well and u got some answers. Jack didnt get his 2 yr old molars till around August (just a few months before he turned 3)
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  • That is very interesting!  So she has all of her other teeth around them but not the canines?  I hope they are not too painful for her as they start to come out now.
    My sweet boy :)
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