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  • image kk4564:
    hello:-) I have a golden retriever, named Cody, aka Boo-Boo. Yesterday was his birthday and he turned 8! He's spoiled rotten, as handsome as they get, and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's human. 
    Happy bday Cody!
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    I have two cats (pics in siggy).

    Isadora is about 15 years old and I've had her since she was a kitten.  We recently found out that she has chronic renal failure :o(, so we're learning how to navigate that.  We currently give her subcutaneous fluids twice a week (well, it's supposed to be twice a week, it ends up being more like when we remember).  She still seems to be comfortable and not having issues other than the occasional UTI, so that's what we're using to gauge whether or not we want to continue treatment or make the difficult decision to say goodbye.  

    Spot is somewhere around 12 years old, but I found her as a stray and at that time the vet guessed she was about 9 months old. So, we're not exactly sure how old she is.  She's my little fat, cross-eyed cat (13 lbs) and I love her to pieces.  

    Chronic renal failure can be difficult to navigate. But sounds like her quality of life is important to you. Sub q fluids are very helpful... So keep up the great work!
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  • image dragontears507:
    I'm a veterinay technician and frequently have fosters. Right now I have just my babies in the house. They include Gambit, my border collie, Peach, my Chihuahua, Pugsly, my Himalayan cat, and Cricket my rabbit. They make me smile every day!
    I'm also a vet tech! So I currently only have my own but we often have a foster something : )
  • image JMarie725:
    My dogs and cat are in my siggy. Deogee passed away 7 months ago. Now I have a blue nose pit, Meeka, our cat, Kitana, and two gerbils, Itchy & Scratchy.
    Very sorry for your loss of your dear Deogee. Know he is at rainbow bridge
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