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Yay CD1...after 52 day cycle

Yay AF finally arrived. I knew I was completely out this cycle because I ovulated out of the blue and there was no sex during that time. But to look at the bright side I did ovulate and am looking for the next cycle, but hoping it's not another long one. Starting acupuncture in December! Thanks for listening!

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    From someone who completely understands what you are going through, congrats!  Check out my charts if you want to see what I mean.  I had very long cycles as well.

    If you notice, I started acupuncture in July and my cycles went from 55, to 39, to this cycle which will likely be 31 days.  I definitely think that acupuncture is what changed my cycles.  Good luck!


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    Thank you and that's so awesome for you! Congrats on you improved charts. I truly believe acupuncture was what helped me with DS. I recommend it to everyone I talk to about TTC. Good luck to you this cycle, I'll be checking back in on you!!


  • Yay! Glad AF showed for you! Mine just showed up friday and i'm pumped too!
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    It's a BOY!!
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  • Yay for AF's return for you!  I had a similar situation this past cycle as well... 43 days, late O with off timing.  I, too, was just glad my chart showed O and that AF finally came Yes  GL to you!

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  • I may be looking into acupuncture to see if that helps. My last cycle was about 75 days and I don't think I O'd. I wonder if acupuncture would help me. It is good to hear what works for others that have long cycles. Thanks for the tip!


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  • Yay! I am currently on CD38 and the longest cycle so far with no O yet so I understand where your excitement is coming from!

    GL with the accupuncture, hope it helps with your cycles!

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  • lol I'm the same way.  As much as I hope AF doesn't come so I'd be pregnant, I get excited when it finally comes after waiting for so dang long!  It's frustrating know you aren't but yet AF won't come.

    Best of luck!

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  • Thanks everyone! It's comforting to have so much support but sorry that you guys are dealing with long cycles too. Us long cyclers need to stick together! Smile

    Yes I would definitely recommend acupuncture...it couldn't hurt at least!

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