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  • Uhm, send that to your friend quick smart. Make sure she is aware of the kind of crazy he is!
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  • imagenbalkin:

    I am being 100% serious when I ask if he is mentally ill. Sounds like some kind of rant/tirade that someone with delusions or psychotic features would make.




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  • imageNJtoMD2011:
    If I was your best friend, I would be embarrassed!  Yeesh.


    And in regards to his p.s. comment ("like I told you guys a while ago, if you guys have kids, don't even ask us to babysit, answer will be an emphatic No, but once we get a pet friendly apt., we'd be way more than happy to Doggy sit!!!!")...I wouldn't even allow my pets, let alone my kids, around this kinda crazy!

  • I would just keep it moving, obviously he is not wrapped tight. GL and do not even give that person a second thought. If he is worried about the environment he should start with himself.Hot Mess!!!
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  • imageJBM1204:

    I am being 100% serious when I ask if he is mentally ill. Sounds like some kind of rant/tirade that someone with delusions or psychotic features would make.

    I was thinking the same thing here. I'm a therapist and, without having enough information to diagnose, my first thought would be to determine whether he was having a psychotic break. It can start with small signs of paranoia or weak reality testing.

    Other than the brain tumor/migrane comment, I don't see where this guy is out of touch with reality. I think that everyone should make their own decisions, but if you aren't concerned with the rapidly rising human population or atleast aware of it YOU are the one that has some reality issues. This combined with the fact that most agricultural practices are not sustainable forever could mean some major calamity for future generations. Now, I am currently pregnant, MH and I plan on having two children. I feel like if I am not satisfied with two children, that we will look into adoption. Based on the knowledge that I have, this is my choice.

    Edit: by YOU, I meant a collective you, not specifically the posters that I quoted.

    Also, I do think it's pretty rude to email someone out of the blue with this sort of thing.

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  • imageSookieFrackhouse68:
    Time to cut that idiot loose. Who the hell sends an e-mail like that??

    I agree, I don't know why everyone is saying to ignore it?  If it was just the first part, about the population...maybe.  (Still a little weird telling someone else not to have kids because of your political views, but not evil).

    He got downright hurtful with the medical part.  Friends don't say that stuff to each other.  If you go by his logic, none of us should have kids (I mean, don't we all have some sort of medical problem, at least in our family history).  That was a personal insult, and I would not stand for it!  How could you ever look that guy in the face again? 


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  • I'm all for people having values, but I can't tolerate intolerance in any form.  The choice to have or not have kids is a choice and that choice should be respected, even if you don't agree with it.

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  • Oh my goodness. This is rude. If you guys were all conversing and he all he said was that doesn't believe in having children that is one thing. But to email you is just rude. I'm so sorry.

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  • imagecouliegirl:

    Other than the brain tumor/migrane comment, I don't see where this guy is out of touch with reality.

    It is not his viewpoints that make him sound mentally unstable (or out of touch with reality). It is the fact that he emailed the OP out of the blue to push his viewpoint on her. That is not normal.


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  • imageShayliz:
    He sounds a bit mental... I wouldn't even respond.

    But I would...I would tell him that he's a complete nut job and the best thing he could do to save the Earth would be to leave it...quickly and before he married your friend. Whackjob. 

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