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Hey! I've been lurking for awhile. Thought I would introduce myself. I'm 30. My husband is 32. We have been married for 2 1/2 years. Together for 13 years. I have had baby fever for about 2 years now but have been (patiently) giving my husband time because he didn't feel quite ready. Well......he's ready! I am finishing my last pack of birth control pills (about 10 days) and we will be TTC! 

I've read TCOYF and the new to TTC post. I couldn't believe how much I didn't know about my own body!

Thanks in advance for all your knowledge and support! 

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  • Welcome!
  • Welcome! 

    Any pets? Did you do a costume this year? Favorite candy/comfort food/alcoholic beverage? 

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    Waiting anxiously for someone to come home

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    IUIs #1 & 2 BFN, IUI #3 chemical pregnancy.

    IVF cycle 1: ER 8/27 10R, 8M, 6F No frosties for us, none survived to freeze

    Two transferred 9/1

    First beta 247, second beta 487. 9/20 Twins!

    Grow little babies, please, please continue to grow
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  • Welcome and GL! I hope your stay is short and sweet.
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  • I'm fairly new too, Welcome and GL!
  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • Welcome! :)

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    BFP #3 07.18.2014, MC 07.31.2014 5w6d

    DX: RPL due to submucosal uterine fibroid. Hysteroscopy 12/16. All clear!


  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • Welcome and best of luck!
  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • Welcome and good luck!


  • Welcome and good luck!

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