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HELP!! Baby fussy at breast and crying ALOT!!

I'm a new mom and my LO is 7 weeks old.  Today has been a nightmare!!  I'm thinking she has gas and is overtired since she will not go to sleep.  I have experienced a breathholding spell so I'm scared to let her cry.  Anyways, she will be breastfeeding and out of the clear blue cry bloody murder and pull away from my breast.  I continue to try to feed her but this goes on for awhile so I quit, thinking she isn't hungry.  I know she has some gas because I can hear her.  I have given her grip water but nothing really seems to work.  I tryed to rock her to sleep but she woke up after 5 minutes and won't go back to sleep.  Normally she is in bed by now.  She sleeps through the night and only wakes to eat.  I get overwelmed and start to overthink on what could be wrong.  I have read so much stuff and I do so much research that my brain is on overoad!!!  Oh, and she doesn't have a temperature.  Please help!!  Any suggestions?  I feel like a terrible mom!


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Re: HELP!! Baby fussy at breast and crying ALOT!!

  • Ditto what PP said. Sounds like she's overtired. DS gets like this also. The longer he's been up, the worse it is. He almost acts like a maniac. Take a deep breath and get yourself relaxed. At this point, you need to convince your child that it will be all right and its ok to close their eyes and let go. Hold her tightly and shhh in her ear. Cuddle with her, nuzzle your cheek to hers. Tell her it will be ok. You have to find a way to break through to her. She's in freak out mode.
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  • My LO did this very same thing and I looked it up as I was very concerned and discovered it was most likely a growth spurt. Search growth spurt and maybe this is exactly what it is. GL!!
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  • Is she arching her back or pulling her legs up?  Trying pumping her legs up to her tummy to relieve the gas and a warm bath might help relax her.  She is probably a combination of over tired and gassy.  Another thing could possibly be DD did this exact same thing when she had thrush because it was painful for her to eat...but she was hungry.  Hopefully it is just gas though...good luck mama!
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