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teacher pulled his hair

during ds's school halloween party his teacher told me we ned to have a meeting to start a behavior plan for him. i know he has hitting and biting issues and we are trying to teach him better was to express his anger. 

here is what happened according to her: ds pulled a little girl's hair and i (the teacher) pulled ds's hair to show him that pulling hair is bad and hurts. an education student from a nearby university happened to be observing the class that day and wrote a report about me. things got really crazy for a while but everything is ok now. we just need to have a behavior plan in place for ds.

 im shocked and super mad for so many reasons. what kind of teacher pulls a student's hair? why are didn't i know about this sooner? how is everything ok now? was she disciplined? are other parents aware? 

am i overreacting? ds is apraxic and can't tell us if things like tjis are happening. do i call the principal. do i pull him out of school? this is a special needs preschool so he can't transfer to another class. thoughts and opinions please 


Re: teacher pulled his hair

  • Call the principal and the head of the special ed department and ask for a meeting.

    Is what you have in italics from an email she wrote? Print that out and save a copy.

    This is not acceptable. 

  • The worst part of it for me was "things got a little bit crazy for awhile.." That's like the worse thing you can say to a parent. Crazy HOW? Even though my gut says that she probably only gently tugged his hair without hurting at all- it still isn't acceptable, obviously, and probably not even remotely USEFUL for teaching how to behave properly.

     Maybe his teacher needs a behavioral plan for herself!

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  • You are NOT overreacting and in fact, you need to report this to the principle immediately. No teacher has the right to touch your child under those circumstances and they need to be removed from the classroom. Your son shouldn't be the one removed from his classroom setting. If anything, this teacher should have called you in once there was a problem. The idea that "things got really crazy for a while.." is something that should have been addressed immediately and it was completely unprofessional and irresponsible on her part to not tell you right away that there was a problem. If you feel like the school isn't properly dealing w/this situation, a quick call from an atterney will do the trick. It sucks that it would even have to go there, but in my experience, schools tend to take these things VERY SERIOUSLY only when there is a possible lawsuit hanging over them.

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  • I would be livid. My oldest also has apraxia and one of our biggest concerns is that she cannot tell us if someone hurts her, or when she can show us an actual bruise or mark on her, she cannot tell us who did it. Names are so difficult for her to say that everyone is boy or girl.

    Definitely call the principal first thing and see if you can get a copy of the report written by the visiting student (and then thank her, if she hadn't been there, nothing would have been said about this incident) and then I would reconvene his IEP. He needs a different setting (from the aggression, something is happening) but he also needs to be with a teacher who is not going to physically harm him in an attempt to "teach him a lesson."

  • I wouldn't send him in tomorrow and call up the principal, supervisor, etc.  I'd ask for a meeting ASAP with the teacher and all adults that were in the room at the time. That teacher needs to be REMOVED ASAP.
  • you are NOT overreacting, omg id be pissed!!
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