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working out

Does anyone know when it is ok to start working out again after miscarriage/D&C? I forgot to ask my doctor about it. thanks.
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Re: working out

  • I think it can depend. I didn't have the d&c but my doctor told me to just get back into my normal swing as my body felt up to it. might be different with a d&c though.
  • I was cleared for exercise today, I had a natural miscarriage last week. Unsure what the standard is for D&C...

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  • I had a D&C last Monday and I was told 10-14 days, longer if your body feels it needs it. Your ob/gyn should give you clearance at your 2 week follow up appt. It's been killing me, I relieve my stress by running and to not be able to run right now is awful. Can't wait until I get clearance from my dr. 
  • I actually gave birth, but my dr told me last week that I was absolutely ok to go back to the gym.  She said when i was ready to go back to everything I was doing before and while I was pregnant it was ok.
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  • Thanks everyone.  I decided to just do light exercising.  i did a three mile easy walk at the beach and it felt wonderful!  I will wait until my two week appointment to get clearance from my OB before doing any kind of strenous workouts.
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