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Hi ladies,

 I posted here when TTC my son last year. I just have a quick question. I got a + OPK tonight (last night it was negative). DH isn't home tonight (of course) so there will be nothing going on tonight. If we have sex tomorrow, is there still a chance to conceive? I Googled this, but got conflicting results (12 hours - 72 hours), so I thought I would ask the bumpies.

 Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts. Good luck to you all!!   

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Re: + OPK question

  • I don't think there's a good answer to that. I think the 12 - 48 hour rule is because some women ovulate 12 hours later, while some are 48 hours. Do the best you can and what will be, will be. Will DH be home tomorrow am for some morning sex?
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  • There's always a chance to conceive if you have unprotected sex around the fertile window. Some ladies ovulate the day of a positive OPK, others 12-48 hours after, or sometimes not at all and they have another surge later.  I'd have sex tomorrow and see what happens. If you chart temps, you'll be able to see if you did ovulate in a few days.
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  • Id say just do it! You never know!!
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  • I used OPKs and charted last time, and it was great. We just started trying, so I thought I would try OPKs first. Yes, MH will be home in the morning. Maybe we'll try for a quickie before I head out to work. Thanks for your responses. I appreciate it!
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  • Yes, you absolutely can conceive still! I actually had the same experience last month?I got my first +OPK and then I felt sick to my stomach because I realized that my DH was out of town for the next 36 hours. I was so worried about missing our window and googled up a storm, but I tried to think that whatever was meant to happen would happen. I won't lie?I had to try hard not to tear his clothes off the moment he walked in the door haha, but we just had sex for the next 4 days and we got our BFP later that cycle! Unfortunately I had a CP 5 days later, but at least I know OPKs work for me. Try not to stress out too much. The LH surge means that you should ovulate within the next day or two and then the egg is viable for about a day after that. As long as your DH will be home within a day or two you should be golden! GL!!
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