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Documents missing middle name

So we got LO's social security and birth certificate in the mail, and they are both missing his middle name!  Grr!  Isn't this pretty important, as it is his legal documents that will go with him through life?  I'm on hold with the S.S. office, but I wanted to ask you all if this happened to you, and what did you do? 
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Re: Documents missing middle name

  • This actually happened to us with my first LO. We just recently got it fixed, but it cost extra since we waited until after she was a year old to fix it. So get it fixed as soon as you can! And we found that it was just easier to go get the problem fixed in person instead of calling the different offices to get it fixed. We never got calls back.


    We just went to the office of Vital Records in our state to fix the birth certificate first. Then we went to the Social Security office to get that fixed. We just brought all the paperwork we had from the hospital showing her middle name. We walked out of the Vital Records office with her corrected birth certificate and her correct social security card was mailed to us within a couple of weeks. Don't forget to bring your own photo ID with you.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Thank you!  After calling both the s.s. office and vital statistics, we found out that the hospital was the one who made the error.  Thanks for your suggestion-I'll go in person, hopefully I'll have faster results :-)


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