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last Drs visit

we are all set and can TTC when ever we are ready.  No restrictions no more blood work no more dreading walking in there remembering why I am there when I see other pregnant women.

These were the hardest 3 weeks of my life. I m/c before but this one was way more emotional and seemed to take longer.

We planted our remembrance garden yesterday that felt really good.  In the spring we will have our flowers and from what I feel our love from our two lost babies.  

I am still emotional from this and I am sure it will still take time to heal. 

                                             Mom to 4 wonderful daughters
                             Breanna, Ellie and 
                             our 2 rainbow babies.

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Re: last Drs visit

  • Yay for the good news!  I wish you lots of luck on your new journey and hope you get your take home baby this time.  What a nice idea to plant a remembrance garden.  I'm sure it will take a long time for all of us to emotionally heal, but I'm glad you're on your way. Smile

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  • I'm so glad those three weeks are behind you and that you have the okay to move ahead.  I dealt with the grief in would leave for awhile, and then would come back at odd moments or when triggered by some event.  My hormones were all over the place, too, so I had to contend with that for several months.  But it gets better.  I love that you planted a remembrance garden for your twins, what a beautiful thing.  I'm tearing up.
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  • Congratulations!!! How exciting. Now you can look to the future (as best as you can) -- I hope the TTC journey is short and sweet for you. A big big FX and I'm sending sticky baby dust your way. :)


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  • All the best to you on your new journey!  Good things are coming your way!
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  • So happy for you! Good luck on your journey, I pray that you find strength and healing. ((hugs))
  • I'm so happy to hear you got the okay from the doctor.  I'm looking forward to getting there.  A remembrance garden sounds like a very beautiful thing.  I'm so sorry for your losses.  **Hugs**
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