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Longest two days ever!

I am two days before my expected AF and it is the only thing I am thinking about! I have a desk job that is a lot of filing and paperwork so I have plenty of time to think... What are some tricks you have used to get it off your mind?

Re: Longest two days ever!

  • I just focused on other things. If you stress yourself, you will have a long time of unnecessary worry! Do you have any hobbies? I like to craft. Obviously during the day you can't really do that while working. But, I also blog. It helps me to not focus on TTC as much.



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  • I am really busy at work so I don't have to worry about it during the day.  At night I knit and crochet.  Mostly I make baby gifts for friends and think about how I'll be an expert when the times comes for my own!

    Also, I think it get easier with time.  I obsessed my first few cycles but don't as much now.

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  • Try thinking about whatever you thought about before you started TTC because the only thing this this world needs less than another TTC blog is another crafter.


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