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Late Ovulation=late AF?

Hey Ladies,

 I have a question that I cannot seem to find a straight answer to.  DH and I have been trying to conceive since March.  I have had pretty regular cycles 26-27 days with O on day 12-13. Last month I had an HSG done and DH had a SA. Everything was found to be fine with the both of us. 

Now according to my BBT & FF I didnt O last month at all.  This month I O'd on day 17. (Currently on CD24). Now FF says to test on day 33 (14 days after O) but if AF was coming would it come later or earlier closer to my regular cycle? 

Also since my cycle is now off schedule would it stay this length or should I expect is to jump around? Im just curious. If anybody has any experience with this please let me know. Ive searched the boards and have found two post with two responses and neither helped. TIA


Re: Late Ovulation=late AF?

  • If you ovulate later, yes generally your period will be later as well.  Take a look at my June 5, 2011 chart, when I O'd on CD22, I still had a luteal phase of 16 days so my period was "later" than it would have been cycle day wise if I O'd sooner. 


  • Thanks. I thought so I just needed confirmation from somebody else that has experienced this.
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