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New to the boards :)

Hi Everyone!

 Newlywed couple here! We were just married in August in Iowa and then had a ceremony in Colorado.  We are just now looking into the whole process of TTC for LGBT couples. I know it's going to be a long difficult road especially since I, Amanda, have been diagnosed with PCOS and dw, Amy, does not want to carry. I'll look here for any advice since a lot of people on here have experienced what we're going through!

 SO excited to have found this board! 

Re: New to the boards :)

  • Welcome and good luck to you!
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  • Welcome fellow newlywed and new bumpie! 
    Me(30) & DW(33) Married August 19, 2011. Mommies to a beautiful pooch. TTC#1~IUI#1-Nov 30/12=BFN IUI#2-Dec 30/12
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  • Welcome!  I am also ttc with probable PCOS.  (DW may carry eventually, but we've agreed that I'll try for the first.)   You'll find a lot of good information and support here.
    TTC with PCOS since July 2011.
    IVF Oct/Nov 2012
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    Cautiously optimistic.
  • Welcome, and good luck! 

  • Welcome! Congratulations on the marriage!

    I have PCOS as well. We conceived DD at home with a known donor and are tyringt o do the same again. I am on Clomid this time around! Good luck with your journey!

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  • Welcome and good luck!!!  You will find an amazing support system and information library provided by the amazing people on this board!!
    We had three BFN in the Fall of 2011. It is back on to some baby making come June. Swim little fellas, SWIM!!!!
  • Welcome!

  • Welcome!
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  • Hello, my wife and I live and got married in Iowa..... Out of curiosity who was your wedding photographer? This world may be getting SMALL
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